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Engineering Helpers 

for Next Level Technical Understanding in Protection Dog Sports

From novice to high level helpers, strong foundations, based on skilled technique is what separates average from outstanding helpers.

Great helpers radiate a quiet confidence that is respected by even the most powerful dogs.

You want to be a quality helper, but you've also hit the wall many times because

you don't have the technical skills and understanding involved in building a dog to bring out their best

you don't know the safe techniques involved in performing a consistently safe test of courage

you've never been shown ways of introducing and training a dog through progressive protection work correctly 

you've been told that good protection work is based on the agility of the helper - not on actual step-by-step technical exercises

Bottom Line...

You want to improve on your technique and skillset as a helper and you want it to show in the dogs you work

Here's a Crazy Idea!

How about finally attending a helper course that actually provides that skillset and technique in a way that you can understand AND implement.

This is not another glorified, typical helper seminar!

Hang tight!  

We are going to show you exactly how to get that skillset and take your helper work to that next level.

What's the deal about helper training?

Many helpers worry about


Helpers struggle with consistency in ability, resulting in unsafe engagement with dogs, most notably when having to work with dogs of varying ability.


Progressive application of pressure onto a dog,  normally results in compromised safety when catching a dog and helpers are unaware of the steps to counter this


The quality of a helper is not about testing your reaction times or agility by through simply throwing sleeves at you out of the blue. 

This is where we come in...

Become a safer, more knowledgeable helper at every stage of protection work.  One who knows how to increase the pressure placed on a dog without compromising technique and safety.

Proper technique, while incorporating exact footwork, leads to catching dogs - reliably and safely - with pressure and assuredness.

Engineering better helpers.

going dutch

Incorporating Technical Expertise that has stood the test of time

Incorporating tried, tested and proprietary training methods and skills handed down to me by my mentors from the Dutch Methodology of helper work. 

Rather than focusing on whether you have the "natural agility" to be a helper, we focus on teaching you the true technique, skill and step-by-step instruction as we go through each exercise.  Our approach is to apply training principles to the human learner so that they can perform precision movements while handling these dogs resulting in cleaner and safer work. No longer is your natural agility, athleticism or speed a pre-requisite to you becoming a skilled helper. The incorporation of this technical expertise is your key!

Steps to how we work and some of the areas we cover

- Dog Drive States

How to recognize various drive states, how to engage in these states, build the various drives safely, knowing when and how to apply pressure in drive, regaining control of a dog while in drive and much more...

- Human Physicality

How, why, and what natural stance is required in the blinds, the secrets of lockups along with how and where to properly engage these for both re-attacks and static states. Engaging the human body to perform multiple acts at the same time while using and incorporating equipment at hand to drive or propel yourself into a desired position or action. Using weight-shifting and weight distribution techniques between torso and limbs to your advantage.

- Equipment

Use and placement of various pieces of equipment when engaging a dog. Timing, presentation and using equipment to assist and propel the body of the helper for safe engagement of attacks and drives with the dog.

- Engagement

Engagement and emotion as a helper when working with various drive states in various dogs. When, why and how to use of body, body pressure and emotional engagement when working with a dog and how to implement these techniques in ways that give results.

Meet Your Mentor

Joeri Veth

WUSV competitor, Trainer, Teaching Helper and AS Judge

Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, I started my IGP career at the tender age of 11 and titled my first dog at 13.

I became a certified club helper at 16, a regional certified helper at 17 and a national certified helper at 18 years old.

As a handler, I have competed at numerous regional and national championships in the Netherlands, Norway and the USA, placing first in several regionals in the Netherlands and the USA. I have place first at the Norwegian Nationals and have numerous podium placements in these countries including World Qualifiers and National Championships.

As a trial helper, I have been selected to perform at many club trials along with regional and national championships in the Netherlands, Norway, the USA and South Africa.

My Coaching has included working with both helpers and handlers for training and preparation for various championships including regional and world championship trials.

I am the Lead Training Helper for American Schutzhund and an AS Judge.

why work with me?

Over 15 years of Successful Projects and Training and Still Counting


Discover how we make a difference with you for your dogs


Check what our clients are saying

He has this dog perfectly fine tuned

" Biggest thanks definitely goes to Joeri Veth. Joeri has been our training helper since day one. He has this dog perfectly fine-tuned for his protection work and has really brought Airick’s strong attributes to light. Joeri has also laid many training tracks for Ricky and helped me bounce ideas around on how to keep improving in the tracking phase. Thank you so much, Joeri. We would not be here without you! "

Theresa Currier with Airick Wiki Isabela

WUSV Qualification Trial 2024 - USA 1: 96, 93, 99)


Deeply informative and inspiring

"I have never experienced a seminar for protection as deeply informative and inspiring as HEG.
The layered understanding makes protection training so much more attainable for both handlers and helpers to bring out the best in their dogs.
I am beyond amazed by what we learned these past few days and cannot thank you enough for helping with developing our helpers in South Africa.
Thank you so much."

Angela Ahern

The Biokinetic K-9


Concepts broken down and clearly explained

"Awesome weekend at the HEG learning from Joeri Veth! So many concepts were broken down and clearly explained. This is my second time attending, and I am just as blown away as the first. I'm not huge on seminars because most don't give any information or ideas that can be replicated when resuming training at home. There are so many things from this workshop that are now clear, and I am super excited to implement them with not just my dog but every dog in our club. Thank you to Joeri. I strongly suggest anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of dog sports attend."

Ryan Chambers

Chambers K9 Training


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